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John Little Conservation Marshfield

John Little Conservation Area is a 25 acre section of land along the North River in Marshfield. The property offers visitors a variety of experiences from pasture to forest to marshland. The most picturesque part of the property is a long pier that leads to the North River. There is a dock that enables boaters to tie up for a brief respite and enjoy the view. One of the best smaller trails in Marshfield!


As reflected in the map, the main trail is essentially an out and back to the river - with an optional small loop on the way. If you don't do the loop, it's 1.1 miles out to the river. The beginning portion in the field consists of nice terrain but after that the trail becomes a little uneven due to washout, roots, and just narrow paths. The terrain is largely flat or with a minor slope until you get closer to the North River.

Marshfield does a great job maintaining the trails - but this isn't really stroller friendly. The boardwalks and small bridges are in great shape and sturdy.


  • pier overlooking the marsh
  • picnic table just off the river
  • stone walls criss-crossing the forest


The property was named for a previous owner. 

source: Marshfield Conservation Commission

Little Conservation Marshfield

Updated trail recording showing the new "blue" trail addition! The blue trail is approximately a 1/2 mile loop.

John Little Trail - map


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